Jen and Peteron Orcas Island

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I adore this kind of wedding. Choosing a local destination is appealing for so many reasons. You get to actually spend time with the people who come to your wedding and it lasts more than a day. You don’t lose out on the guest list because of the travel but you still get out of town. What a dream! These two clearly planned a beautiful gathering. Everything was perfect-  from the jaw dropping cake and the adorable table settings to Jen’s stunning dress. And how cute is that little wedding chapel!? In addition to the visual feast, this day was full of music thanks to Pete’s band that provided the soundtrack for the weekend. Jen, Pete, and all their loved ones were so welcoming that I felt like a guest by the end of it. Thanks to Nathania for second shooting and to Caroline for running my photo booth. Oh yea- I do photo booths!


  • kierstin said:

    are you kidding me??? amazing work, mary!

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