Leah and Kevin at Roche Harbora wedding on San Juan Island

Leah and Kevin are an easy going and good natured couple. I had the pleasure of meeting them on more than one occasion before their wedding so I got a good sense of who they are together. There is a certain ease between them that made them a really fun couple for me to photograph. Leah is a publicist so as you can imagine she is a very thorough and organized person which led to a seamless wedding day. They chose to get married at Roche Harbor which was perfectly fitting for them because they met at a family summer camp in New England. The resort’s sense of history coupled with it’s picturesque dock and cute little cottages had exactly that feeling while providing a Pacific Northwest backdrop representative of a couple building their lives here. The simple and elegant  florals from Bloom San Juan were so well done it was a wonderful compliment to their heartfelt day. It was a beautiful event and I look forward to many more like it next summer.

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