Center for Urban Horticulture Wedding


My mother and Cailiegh’s Mom taught at the same high school for 15 years. Her and a few other teachers in the art department spent every lunch together in one of their classrooms and enjoyed a pretty tight teacher gang. I remember Caileigh as a little girl from dinner parties years ago but haven’t really seen her since. It was a really cool experience to see her all grown up as the kind and beautiful woman she has become. Her mom is usually the life of the party so it was no surprise to see that the wedding was full of energy and the laughter was non-stop. It was also really moving to witness the love that Matt has for Caileigh. Just the way he looks at her could melt your heart. This line of work has made me realize how much of a romantic I really am. Thanks to the thoughtful and talented Sonja Lyon for helping me capture it all.