Palm Springs Wedding


I keep finding myself in Palm Springs and I don’t mind one bit. It’s a perfectly preserved piece of modernist history full of ghosts from Hollywood’s golden years and I will never tire of photographing it. I shot Lauren’s sister’s wedding several years ago so when she contacted me I was thrilled (for reasons other than the excuse to spend some time in southern California!). Her and Jonathan are so hopelessly in love that when one of their favorite songs came on before their first dance, they couldn’t help but wrap their arms around each other and start early. The two of them clearly know how to have a good time so they were the perfect couple to choose a venue that hosted a wild pool party just before the ceremony began. Some of the partygoers stuck around to watch and apparently there was even a streaker that made a quick run before the start. Not every couple would be able to laugh about it in the moment but these two felt nothing but joy throughout their whole day. More California weddings please!