Seattle Courthouse Wedding


Having a ceremony with a separate reception seems to be more and more popular these days. I totally get it. For private people, sharing such an intimate moment in front of over a hundred people would sound like a nightmare. Both Madi and Shadie’s parents got married at the courthouse so they wanted to do the same but also wanted to celebrate with the rest of the people in their lives. They got the best of both worlds with a small intimate wedding and a late night dance party.

It was a sweet little ceremony followed by a quick dash through Pike Place for some portraits. A couple of days later, they reconvened at Golden Gardens with the rest of their friends and family. They threw an awesome party with one of the most embarrassing toasts from Shadie’s Dad, some pretty amazing Syrian traditions and dancing as well as some Iranian food that made my half Persian mouth water.                   

As a side note- I’m still yet to photograph a persian wedding so I’m just going to put that out there in hopes of booking one. 

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